Bambang Suwanda


Served as primary training partner for the late Pendekar Herman Suwanda, his older brother. Helped create Jagabaya program along with continuing it‘s journey today. Extensive experience and knowledge in all of the styles taught in Mande Muda and expanding it with Sunda Silat. Added Cikaret into system along with constant research into other Sundanese styles to this day. Join us in the annual summer silat camp and explore the effectiveness of Pencak Silat.  



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Berni C. is the only designated representative worldwide for

Sunda Silat.

All certifications can only be obtained from the Sunda Silat Academy and verified by us.

Having the privilege of training and being certified by my original teacher, the late Pak Herman Suwanda and now with his brother

Pak Bambang, we keep his silat journey going by introducing pencak silat to the world.