Vol. 1: Ulin Suliwa
Ulin Suliwa is the "Circling Hands" style, working to the back of the opponent. This Volume includes the Jurus, footwork and application. The 1st volume for those interested in learning Sunda Silat. $50

Vol. 2: Sarung & Cipecut
The use of the Indonesian sarong is a fundamental aspect of Silat training. Pak Bambang covers several applications, as well as the Cipecut, or "whipping" style, for use of the sarong. Added bonus is various Kembangan included.  $50

Vol. 3: Rikesan & Mahdi
Rikesan is often known as the jointlock/bone breaking style, and emphasizes the use of tendon and nerve manipulations similar to small circle jujitsu. Mahdi is the jumping style, umbalancing an opponent by violently jerking him backwards or from side to side.  $50

Vol. 4: Pamonyet & Knife Defense
Pak Bambang shows a variety of skills against opponents of various sizes and strengths. A special segment of knife defense, as well as the monkey kembangan is included.  $50

Vol. 5: Kari & Pa Herman memorial DVD
This is a multipurpose style, including standing and lower leg takedowns with techniques that suit practitioners of various sizes. Released on the 5th year anniversary of the late Pendekar Herman Suwanda's death, this DVD also includes a short excerpt from one of his seminars at the Inosanto Academy.  $60

Vol. 6: Syahbandar Pt. 1
Utilizing deceptive footwork and inside trapping, Syahbandar utilizes deception and suited to knife training. This DVD is the first in a set, and includes the Syahbandar Langkah, as well as the first five Jurus, Buah, Pecahan Jurus Kaki 1-9, Sapu Dalam and Sapu Luar.  $50

Vol. 7: Syahbandar Pt. 2 & Sera
Continuing from Vol. 6: this DVD includes the second set of Syahbandar Jurus 6 - 10 with Buah, as well as Sera Jurus 1-6 with Buah. along with Golok (small machete) Buah 1-5.  $50 

Vol. 8: Cikalong
Cikalong style favors joint locks, and one of the most adaptable to countering other Silat styles. The first 7 Jurus & Buah, with a special section on elbow theory & application.  $50

Vol. 9: Chongkis/Sabetan applications                                                                             Using chongkis weapon as introduced to us by the late Herman Suwanda when studying sabetan drills. We use it here for offense and defense via harimau applications.  $50

Vol. 10: Kerambit/street applications Pt 1. & Kembangan version Tepak Dua  along with Cikalong tecniques.  $50 

Vol. 11: Stick applications/Cikalong & Rikesan                                                                        Stick applications with disarms followed by empty hand techniques applying Cikalong and Rikesan. Kembangan version Tepak 3 is included to demonstrate a quicker temp kembangan.                                                                                                     $50

Vol. 12: Kerambit Pt. 2                                                                                                     Expanding kerambit applications via harimau and cikalong styles. Demonstration of silat       performance filmed in Bandung. $50

Original Bambang Suwanda & Herman Suwanda silat volumes

for sale here.

Vol. 1: Fundamentals
A good introduction for those new to Mande Muda.
Approx. 55 min. $50

Vol. 2: Harimau Ground Fighting
Recommended for beginner to intermediate students
Approx. 55 min. $50

Vol. 3: Street Applications
Street Fighting and Street attack retaliation techniques demonstrated.
Approx. 55 min. $50

Vol. 4: Cikalong and & Syahbandar
Cikalong & Syahbandar, two unique systems of fighting.
Approx. 55 min. $50

Vol. 5: Kembangan (Ibing)
A Step by step instructional video of one of 99 kembangan (form) of Mande Muda.
Approx. 55 min. $50

Vol. 6: Introduction to Weapons
Approx. 30 min. $25.

Vol. 7: Harimau Demonstration
Demonstration of Groundfighting techniques, influenced by various Tiger systems of Sumatra and West Java. Approx. 30 min. $25.

Vol. 8: Advanced Harimau & Cimande
Techniques as influenced by various Tiger systems of Indonesia and drills specific to Mande Muda from one of Mande Muda's root arts, Cimande from West Java. Approx. 55 min. $50

Vol. 9: Sabetan & Harimau
Drills 1-15 of the "slicing art" & Techniques influenced by various Tiger systems of Indonesia.
Approx. 55 min. $50

Vol. 10: Sarung
Techniques specific to Mande Muda as influenced by Cipecut, the whip system
Approx. 55 min. $50

Vol. 11: Silat Documentary, Vol. I
Visit the Baduy & Silat Masters, Discusses various styles & techniques & Debus, the powerful magic of Pencak Silat. Approx. 55 min. $50

Vol. 12: Silat Documentary, Vol. II
Unique & Beautiful forms of Pencak Silat. Many techniques of attack and defense from the Mande Muda
school are shown. Approx. 55 min. $50

Vol. 13: Kembangan with Weapons
Guide for competition, taught in Mande Muda seminars. $50

Vol. 14: Harimau Langkah, #1 - #10
Stepping exercises for strengthening legs as influenced by various Tiger systems. $50

Vol. 15: Tongkat Drills, #1 - 10
Staff Drills from the Mande Muda school, as influenced by the Cikalong systems. $50

Bambang Suwanda

Herman Suwanda